Talking With Historians

Talking With Historians

One of the more interesting and enjoyable activities on the landscape of history is a one on one chat with a accomplished historian regarding their work, background viewpoints, work craft and insights into specific areas of history.

“All that is past is history and how we view that past is our history,”

Greg Scott

One of the most interesting and exciting arenas to learn about any history is by discussing it with historians. This should be an exercise in exploring the topic from an informed and academic assessment, not a politically driven schedule. The rich resources we have in this repository of dedicate people is constantly underestimated and cooped by the popular and famous celebrities in our society. It is much more rewarding and enriching to turn to those with the facts, the background and most of all the ability to incorporate the context within a fabric of perspective. These are not always and usually rarely, the insights of a version of events driven by agendas, but more so a committed and fairly balanced presentation of what happened in the past.

It is with that objective in mind that we have interviewed various historians and knowledge people for our video series. If you have any suggestions for additional historians to add to these series, please let us know.

Interviews with Historians

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